The origin of the well-known Italian house, ALTANUS GENEVE, dates back to 1914 in Switzerland.

It was born as a workshop specializing in refined and exclusive products, but in short time, thanks to the initiative of a Neapolitan family headed by Mario Casillo, it entered the panorama of watchmaking, earning more and more approval and expanding its network of customers.

Today, Altanus’ worldwide distribution starts from the headquarters in Il Tarì of Marcianise (Caserta), Italy, still maintaining the Geneva’s  workshops in Switzerland.

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Altanus USA es el UNICO Vendedor y Distribuidor Autorizado de Orologi Altanus s.r.l. en los  E.U. de A., y sus Territorios, el Caribe, México, Centro América y Sur América (excepto Venezuela)

Altanus USA is the ONLY Authorized Seller and Distributor of Orologi Altanus s.r.l. in the U.S.A. and its Territories, Mexico, Central America and South America (except Venezuela)