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Welcome to Altanus USA Watch Blog

Good day for everyone! Welcome to our new Altanus USA watch blog. We are adding this new feature to our Altanus USA web page so we can all have an opportunity to share our collective knowledge and/or experiences we've had or gone through regarding traditional watches. By traditional watches I am referring to mechanical, automatic, and/or quartz movement watches.

In this forum you and I will have opportunity to share information on Swiss, Japanese or even Chinese watch movements available in the watch market or industry, and also in other aspects of watches in general, like for example, manufacturing, materials, bands, limited edition timepieces, precious metals, or stones, etc., etc.

I hope you find this new section interesting & informative, but most of all, I hope you find it engaging enough so you can interact with us on every topic posted.

I look forward to have you soon as one of our new members in our Altanus USA blog, and I can't wait to read your first post or comment.

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